It’s Lake Season Y’all.


It’s been a while since I last wrote, here’s to my summer goal of being more consistent seeing as it’s that time of the year when the weather is to nice to stay indoors. Speaking of outdoor weather, here in Kentucky we don’t get to enjoy the ocean. Therefore, we have lake season. Any adventure to a lake is going to be a grand time and lake season is approaching. Not too long ago I traveled with my family to a lodge on Lake Cumberland to enjoy a delicious Mother’s Day lunch. At some point my dad and I were able to sneak off and get some spectacular photos with the lake in the background. First things first, shout out to my dad for being a trooper and submit to my selfie indulgent ways, but also for taking killer pics.

This look is very fun for spring/summer. I’m currently obsessed with white. A lot of my style tips do come from J. Crew, and one thing they tend to do a lot of is dress models in white during the spring/summer season. One reason for all white is it makes you look posh. I actually mention why I love white clothing in my previous post if you want to learn more. Eventually I plan on making a post where I am wearing a solid white outfit.  With that being said, my white pants are featured yet again! Get yourself a pair from J.Crew Factory. I really like these, they fit well and you don’t see EVERYTHING like some white jeans do. The top is from H&M. This top is adorable, it was one of those purchases where you look at it and fall madly in love and have to have it! It’s blue with florals and ruffles and a made of a light-weight material. Ruffles are everywhere right now and I love it! Ruffles tend to make a generic top pop! These shoes are from Target, and are very comfortable.

I hope y’all enjoy the summer, and if you’re in a landlocked state as I am I hope you get to visit a few lakes this season!


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