Spring Into Muted Tones

Nothing beats warmer weather, which means longer, beautiful, and sunny days. The warmer weather means I can be outside at the lovely Cincinnati parks again. Warmer weather means that flowers are blooming. Warmer weather means I am more willing to wear something that isn’t black! This is an excellent showcase of that. I decided that the old rule of no white pants before Memorial Day was silly! And I put a colorful yet muted outfit to express my thrill for the change of weather.

The day I decided to do this it took me forever to come up with an outfit. I did go through my personal favorite bloggers Instagram and discovered I had pieces that were similar to an outfit she wore.  It’s remarkable how well white, muted pink, and muted blue go together. I love white clothing. White says clean and put together for me. One of the best pieces of fashion advice I’ve ever seen is wearing all white to have a clean, put-together look. It also makes your outfit more polished and could look more expensive that it really is. Monochromatic, especially all white, makes your body look leaner and longer, which is essential when you’re kind of a short person. Although I’m not wearing all white in this outfit, I feel muted colors and white have the same effect.

So let’s break down this outfit further. I got the blazer at a store in Scotland called Primark. My United Kingdom readers will know Primark. It’s inexpensive and kind of overwhelming. For my Americans think Forever 21, but cheaper and bigger. The pink shirt is from the Gap. It’s a sheer fabric, but super comfy and a beautiful color. The white jeans are from J.Crew Factory, as well as the gold tassle necklace, which I recently rediscovered. My bracelet is a gold bracelet I got from Altar’d state and it’s the outline of my favorite state and home, Kentucky.

Incase you are wondering about the location, this is at a park called Alms Park. It’s small, but amazing. There’s this amazing concrete slide, and when you go down it it’s a smooth, fast ride. Like a lot of Cincinnati Parks it’s has a pavilion which reminds me of a castle. And of course this view. Behind me is Kentucky and the Ohio River, but from this point in person you can also catch a glimpse of the city.


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