Why Wear Makeup?


While on a much needed holiday break from work, I found myself diving into a youtube hole. I just kept watching video after video, primarily by the Ladylike crew. One of the videos was titled “Women Don’t Wear Makeup for a Week,” with the introductory question being “why do you wear makeup?” The question, plus the video itself, had me thinking about why I wear makeup. The video also had me astonished at how so many women struggle to go one week without makeup, mainly because I barely wear makeup. I love makeup, but I’m proud of myself if I wear it once a week.

So let me tell my story with makeup. I didn’t start loving makeup until I took a stage makeup class my sophomore year of college, but I didn’t start wearing it more regularly until this past summer. My stage makeup class made me realize how fun and artistic makeup is. If you don’t think makeup is an art form you clearly haven’t played with it yet. You can transform yourself into someone else because of makeup. For instance, I was in Rocky Horror and played Eddie. I became a man because of makeup! It’s astonishing that just a little bit of contour can completely transform what your nose looks like! You can make your lips look holographic just by lipstick and different color highlighter! I’ve included a cool space lipstick look I did today.

But even though I am amazed and in love with what it can do, as I mentioned I didn’t start wearing it more than once a month until this past summer. Here’s where it gets more personal, I started wearing makeup more because my confidence was shattered. I’ve always been a big selfie person, sorry world. Before I had a lot of friends I posted a lot of selfies because they made me feel pretty. I was happy for a bit, tamed it down on the selfies, only posting like once a month or so. Then my confidence was shattered due to a rough breakup by the person whom I thought was the love of my life and I turned to makeup as a coping method. It’s great to wear makeup because any moment could be a selfie moment. Or it creates a conversation starter with someone you wouldn’t have originally talked to. Makeup is something to do to distract you while you’re bored and/or lonely. You can watch videos of people applying or judging makeup, you can attempt a new look yourself, and after you do that look you can post a selfie. I would also like to point out there is nothing wrong with a good selfie. Selfies are great confidence boosters because people comment and like it and tell you you’re pretty!

But one thing I want to point out, no one should feel like they have to wear makeup. You shouldn’t feel like you have to wear makeup because people will judge you. If they judge you, you don’t need them. But if you want to wear makeup because you find it fun or because you want to, absolutely wear it. As I mentioned, makeup is a wonderful art form. It’s an art form that creates bonds between people. I would like to challenge my readers, take the initial video into consideration. If you think you can do it, try going makeup free for a week and see how you feel. I wanted to put this out there to for you to ponder: why do you wear makeup?

I mentioned earlier about my galaxy lip look. I used Jeffree Star’s Scorpio as a base and used purple horseshoe and star from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette to create the look. I’m pretty obsessed with the Moonchild palette. It has great colors for a fun look or normal highlight. Star is an icy white highlight, which is what I wear on the regular. I mentioned this in another post, but I do not wear foundation. It’s too much for me, therefore you see my natural skin tone and pores. My camera captured every detail but in reality I like my skin, as weird as that may sound.



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