Christmas Time is Here

Christmas is just around the corner and I can’t believe it! For this post I just wanted to make a Christmas appreciation post and talk about my favorite things about the Holiday season.

Christmas Sweaters!

At work people began asking me if I was just going to continue to wear Christmas sweaters until Christmas. The answer is of course! When Christmas is your favorite time of year, you have to make sure you spread christmas cheer in all ways that you can!


Christmas Lights and Decor! 

Christmas trees definitely falls under this. The lights on the tree creating a magical glow, plus all the fun decor that you can do within your residence just makes Christmas feel magical.



Admittedly a lot of the presents under my tree are fake, but that’s just so before I get the presents and after I deliver the presents I still have them making it look plentiful under the tree!


Stereotypical Christmas things!

The most stereotypical Christmas activity you can do here in the Cincinnati area is going to the Festival of Lights at the zoo. It’s quite a wonderful experience.DSC_0714.jpg


And here’s a cute picture of my cat, just because!


Merry Christmas everyone! What are some of your favorite things about Christmas?



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