Merry Forcemas.


Thanksgiving is over, and that means it is officially time to prepare for Christmas. I’ve actually had Christmas decor up since the beginning of November because I’m one of those Christmas freaks, but it’s totally worth it. My cat Nero is featured as well, in one of the Christmas sweaters I bought for the cats in my life.

Because I’ve already been in the spirit I’ve discovered my go to Christmas outfits: eccentric Christmas sweaters with flannels underneath. It’s classic and you can’t go wrong with it. Be prepared for more post dedicated to my sweater collection. The sweater featured is one of my favorites because it is Star Wars. I get so many compliments on this sweater because Star Wars is amazing and has a large fan base. I’ve even had a friend who was so inspired by this sweater she bought one herself, but because it’s from two different years there is a slight difference on hers. Incase you are wondering, it is a Target sweater and the difference is that Darth Vader is wearing a scarf this year compared to my sweater from last year without the scarf.

I also matched my makeup with it. I used the Studio 1400 set from Colourpop on my eyes. There’s a lovely green in there that I used on my lower lid, a burgundy I used on the top left portion of my lid, and a gold I used to blend. I used Perversion mascara, which you can see really brings out my eyelashes. I used Bardot by Colourpop on my cheeks. I’m actually obsessed with this blush. It’s a beautiful color and it’s natural unless you want to build it. Rich Blood by Jeffree Star on my lips, which is a great red because it has glitter to enhance it. I also used the Moonchild Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. My hair is composed of Dutch braid pigtails (boxer braids), and tucked them in to create a low crown. It’s easy if you have mastered the Dutch braid.

Happy Holidays everyone! Can’t wait to share my holiday cheer with you!

-Always Hattie


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