Urban Outfitters vibes in Target Swag


A lot has happened since my last post. We now have a new president-elect that I didn’t vote for, a feud between him and the cast of Hamilton has developed while the lawsuit towards Trump University has been settled, and Thanksgiving is next week. I’m sure there were other news worthy incidents, but those are just the highlights I can think of. But that is not what my blog is about, so let’s keep it positive and fashionable.

I am obsessed with Target. I get almost everything from Target, and I go there to kill time because I honestly have nothing better to do. That is probably one of the most American basic white girl sentences I have ever made. This outfit in particular came about because I saw a girl at work wearing overall dresses and I was like, yup I need that. After she wore it I walked into Target and saw overall corduory overall dresses and I knew I had to have it. They had solid colors and about two floral ones. This was my favorite, and I’m known for wearing floral prints. I didn’t realize I wore so much floral until someone pointed it out to me a couple years ago.

I mention Urban Outfitters in the title because this outfit has a very Urban Outfitters vibe. But if you’re anything like myself, Urban Outfitters is often out of the price range I’m willing to pay. Therefore, Target is a great substitute. It’s reasonably priced and you can get a lot of coupons from the Cartwheel app.

When I was at Target deciding to make this purchase I did try on a few sizes. Unfortunately they didn’t have the size that would have worked the best. Therefore it is baggy.  I definitely wish that it came up higher, because I could not wear this dress by itself. It would not be appropriate. To make this overall dress be work appropriate and cute I paired it with a black turtleneck (also from Target), black leggings (TJ Maxx), and black combat boots (Target). The black base accentuated the pattern of the dress. My makeup I kept it simple with a bold lip. The lip color is Mama from Colourpop. I hope you feel inspired by my overall dress and feel like trying it out as well.


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