Sunny, sun, sunflowers

img_7665What is more beautiful than a field full of sunflowers? I can’t think of much else, especially considering sunflowers are my favorite flower and remind me of my family. My father plants sunflowers every year at my parents house. It started as a request because I thought they would be cool (and they’re my favorite), and now it has turned into a tradition. My cute yellow house benefits greatly from the tall sunflowers. It adds a quirky charm that I love.

With that being said, nothing gets you pumped for fall quite like fall activities on a farm! At the very beginning of October a friend and I attended a sunflower festival. There were food trucks, pumpkins, live music, and a huge field of sunflowers (of course)! Vincent Van Gogh would be thrilled to be there! Because who doesn’t love Van Gogh’s painting of sunflowers? I believe that piece of art is actually one of the main reasons I love sunflowers, plus they’re just happy flowers and make you feel happy looking at them.

To walk through the sunflowers I wore my J. Crew Factory army-green utility jacket, Target Jeans and bodysuit, and my brown tall boots. Sorry, I’m not sure what brand my boots are. To accessorize I added my cross body beige purse from Old Navy and a necklace that I believe I got at Target as well.

There are multiple ways to style a utility jacket, but stripes, riding boots, and jeans is a  simple and popular way of doing so. I would classify this style as preppy-classic. But the great thing about a utility jacket is it’s versatility. This is why it should be a staple in your wardrobe. If you’re more into athlelesiure, goth, or whatever it’ll go with an outfit you have. Bodysuits are beginning to takeover my wardrobe as well. My body type is not meant for tight things. I’m curvy and my tummy is not flat, but the fact that there isn’t the bulge from tucking something in makes the bodysuit worth it. Plus, it’s PERFECT if paired with high waisted items.

Remember to enjoy fall y’all. It only comes once a year, and right after Christmas, it’s the best time of the year! Go enjoy your pumpkin patches, apple ciders, and PSLs!

-Always Hattie


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