Fiercely Fall

dsc_1039all is here my friends! Fall colors are in all the stores and catching my eye. Brown, rust, mustard yellow and various shades of red are all around us! More importantly, these colors compliment black very well. If you’re anything like me, black is a staple year round, especially during the colder months. But I refuse to have a solid black outfit without at least one hint of color! That’s why this rust-orange baggy sweater from Target is perfect with my rather generic yet sultry outfit. Sadly, when I took these photos the leaves hadn’t started to change colors. Actually, they still have yet to change colors. I can’t wait for that to happen because fall in Kentucky is a spectacular sight.

To dive deeper into the outfit, a trendy staple I’m wearing is my first bodysuit from Forever 21. Bodysuits have been getting more and more popular since they first arrived on the scene, even more so now that the First Family of Reality TV has been wearing them continuously. I definitely felt like Kourtney and Khloe while taking pictures in this outfit. My favorite part about bodysuits is how you no longer have to worry about those annoying rolls from tucking in a shirt. The black jeans are also from Forever 21. Although they aren’t my favorite jeans, they were affordable and get the job done. The shoes are Rue 21 from a couple seasons ago. For shoes at a highly discounted price, Rue 21 is where you should be looking.

Something else to note about my look is my hair and my makeup. My favorite makeup trend right now is a metallic lip. Although the metallic lip became popular after Kylie released her own set, other makeup companies have been coming out with them left and right. Personally, I am obsessed with Colourpop’s line. For this look I have Maneater on, which is a great copper lip color for everyone. Colourpop has become my makeup obsession. It’s long lasting, looks great and very affordable. If you sign up on their website you’ll even get five dollars off your first purchase.

My hair is inspired by the boxer braid trend which Kim Kardashian is credited with making popular. When I originally did my hair it was meant to be pigtails, but my hair is still in an awkward phase where it’s too short to stay put, but long enough to make real pigtails. Therefore, it was giving me a hard time as pigtails so I put it together in a low pony. I then twisted it around to create a low bun and gave thanks to bobby pins for making it stay glamourous.

Fall is the best time of year. The temperature, smells, and colors all around are perfect. I’ve definitely been indulging in pumpkin spice and enjoying the perfect fall days where I get to wear my vests, sweaters, and flannels!

Happy Fall Y’all

-Always Hattie


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