Let Metallic About It


Long time no post my friends and I apologize for that. This idea has been in the works for a while now, but I am just now getting to write it. My favorite lipstick trend as of now is metallic. I wear metallic with everything! It’s perfect for every season, every vibe, every makeup look, etc… Out of my collection, the most versatile (aka my favorite) is Man Eater from Colourpop. In the photo above I have from left to right: (top row) Man EaterKweenFlitter; (bottom row) J. I. C.3 Way, and Kymajesty. Obviously I’m a huge fan of Colourpop, I won’t deny that. Six dollars for high quality lipstick, who wouldn’t be a fan.

Let’s break my metallics down. I have six various shades going on here, and I want to elaborate on the colors, as well as the texture and how long the lipsticks last:


First is Man Eater. To reiterate, this is my favorite shade. Initially I did not think it would go well with my skin tone. This is because at first glance it’s brown. But then I saw a video where Jeffree Star tried the shade. When he put it on I thought this shade might work. Then my mother got it in one of her orders. Yes, I got mom hooked on Colourpop. I tried it myself and I instantly fell in love. Just like the other Colourpop metallic shades in this post, it feels smooth and it last for a long time. I am a perfectionist, so if I see one bit of fading I’ll reapply lipstick, but with these shades I might reapply 1-2 time during an 8 hour work day.


Up next we have Kween. I would describe this as a red-orange metallic, Colourpop describes it as a “burnt orange with gold.” This is a classic, but I don’t have much more to say on it because I rarely wear it. It’s not because I don’t like it, it’s just not a shade that fits with the rest of my makeup or what I’m wearing generally.


Here is Flitter! This color is beautiful. When I first saw it swatched on Colourpop’s Snapchat I knew I needed it. As you can see, it is a light pink with gold metallic. When I first tried Flitter I was slightly disappointed. The only reason is because I didn’t think it was as pigmented as advertised. I have no clue why I thought that, because it is as beautiful as the swatch that made me need it! And it looks amazing with my skin tone, not to brag.


When I first tried J.I.C. (short for Just In Case according to the Colourpop snapchat) I wasn’t too fond of it. The reason being is it’s a very light shade. For my pale complexion you would think light would be ok, but at the same time it washes me out. But I started wearing it at the end of summer and it started to grow on me. It’s featured in my previous post here. It goes very well with the Summer Lovin’ eyeshadow I’m OBSESSED with. So if you’re feeling brave and want to try a light shade, this one is great.


3 Way is a beautiful raspberry shade. I am a huge fan of darker lipsticks. In my opinion, dark shades compliment my pale complexion. Dark shades fit the grunge vibe I’m feeling 75% of the time. As mentioned, I’ve been wearing Man Eater the most, but now that the weather is changing, 3 Way might be about to take over for most worn metallic.


Kymajesty featuring my cat Lou, because he truly makes this photo pop! So, finally a color that ISN’T Colourpop, astonishing! This color is AMAZING! It’s a black base with blue/green metallics. It’s very unique and a great color for my grunge night looks. I have worn it casually too. I feel like it’s going to be a great color for fall and winter. It also smells amazing in my opinion. Jeffrey Star found it strong, but I feel like it smells like cake. But this formula is not up to par with Colourpop, which is such a bummer. As a Kardashian follower I really wanted this lipstick to be fantastic. I mean, look how unique it is! The major flaw is that it doesn’t last at all! As soon as I take a drink, the majority of the black lipstick is on the glass or bottle. That means multiple applications throughout the day. There’s also speculation that the Kymajesty tubes were not filled all the way. I could see that, my tube felt light, but I’m not willing to put up too much of fight. It’s been a while between taking this photo and writing this post, meaning it’s been a while since I have actually worn this lipstick. With that beings said, I did watch a review on this product to remind me what exactly was wrong with the formula. I was reminded that this comes on sheerer than a black lipstick should. I think the lipstick I have and the lipstick in the review I watched may be slightly different because mine shows color a lot better than hers. But it definitely should not be as sheer as it is.

Now, I know I only have positives to say about Colourpop and a lot more negative’s about the Kylie lipstick. I still love the Kymajesty color, I just wish I hadn’t spent $18 on it. But, after these photos were taken I did get more Colourpop lipstick (shocker). I bought one more metallic in that order. I now own Mugshot, but have not had a chance to get a picture of it on. It’s a beautiful color, but the formula compared to the other Colourpop metallics is not as great. The difference in formula was mentioned on their snapchat. It is more metallic rather than glitter. With that being said, it’s a beautiful color, but definitely a different texture. I do not feel as though Mugshot last as long, and it ends up flaky by the end of the day. But for $6 I ain’t mad.

Thanks for reading friends. I mentioned a lot of different videos and sites with this post. I wanted to add what has not already been linked at the end.

-Always Hattie

Review on Kymajesty

Jeffree Star on Metallics

@ColourPopCosmetics <- Colourpop’s username on Snapchat.



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