Nothing but Gold. 


Summer is coming to a close, my hair is getting redder, and I am obsessed with metallics and shades of gold. Thankfully, when my hair gets redder, it just becomes more golden blonde allowing for my gold obsession to match perfectly. 

It’s unfortunate that I find a look which would have been a summer staple right at the seasons close. Thankfully, I don’t really believe in only using a look for one season. Plus, you can never go wrong with gold!

I discovered how beautiful the Colourpop eye shadow “Summer Lovin” was the first time I tried it. But the more and more I use it, the more and more I love it. It is such a versatile color, as well as being full of glitters. If you’re a fan of glistening to the moon, than Colourpop tie dyes are for you (if you are able to get your hands on them). 

So how do you get this look? Tutorial to follow products used. 

EYES: Colourpop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows in Meow and Summer Lovin’; E.L.F. Black eyeliner pod;  Urban Decay Perversion mascara

CHEEKS: Colourpop Cosmetics Highlight in Churro; Benefits Dew the Hoolah Bronzer

LIPS: Colourpop Cosmetics Metallic Lip in J.I.C. 

Before I applied this look I decided to wash all of my brushes, so I kind of had to improvise. Firstly, I still utilize the tape trick, putting small pieces on the corners in the shape that I desire. After my tape was applied, I put Summer Lovin’ on the lids with my fingers, grabbed a dry blending brush I found in my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, and blended the color out. I added Meow on the exterior to give it more of a smokey look. I used the same blending brush to blend the two together. I then applied the E.L.F. eyeliner. 

I used the Benefits bronzer to contour my cheeks faintly, and added Churro to highlight on the top portion of my cheeks, and on my nose. Churro is almost too dark for me, but with enough blending, you barely notice the golden pigment. Last step, add the lipstick. Generally I use colourpop’so primer and then apply the lipstick. 

PS. I forgot to do my brows, so they’re a little unruly. Please excuse them.

-Always Hattie



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