Fabulously Selfish Sunday

Today I hung out with a sorority sister who I have reconnect with. I asked her to get a few shots of me for my upcoming appearances on College Fashionista. My friend and I decided after a couple of shots were taken that this Sunday would be called “Fabulously Selfish Sunday” because “Fabulous Friday” was too far away, and “selfish” is funnier than “selfie.”

This outfit was my first day back to work look. Since entering the post-undergrad life, my sense of style has moved onto the J. Crew/Gap/Ann Taylor Loft fashion. One reason being because it is just top notch, but it also says “hey world, I may look 12 but I’m an adult.” It’s also what I would consider “MILF Fashion.”

To get into detail about my outfit, the pants are a pair of Girlfriend Chinos from the Gap, and they are mega comfortable. The shirt and shoes are both from Target. The necklace I honestly don’t remember purchasing but my guess is it game from Charming Charlie’s or Target. The bag featured later is of course a Kate Spade. I always half tuck my shirts because it was a fashion tip I read online, and saw a lot with J. Crew.

Although you can’t really see the makeup, on my lips I have Watermelon Soda by Jeffree Star, the Modern Renaissance palette by ABH, and Summer Lovin from Colourpop on the eyes.

I hope you enjoy the look, and the view from the riverfront parks of Cincinnati, Ohio.

-Always Hattie



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