Colourpop Appreciation

Welcome! My first makeup post is a shoutout to Colourpop. My first Colourpop purchase was probably a month ago and since then my collection has grown exponentially and is still growing. Colourpop has some amazing products for an affordable price. Most products are between $5-$8. In this look I used more than just Colourpop, but the majority of the products are said company. Check them out here if you haven’t yet.

For this look here are all the products used (tutorial following the images):

Colourpop: Pop Rocks eyeshadow, Meow Eyeshadow, Sticky Sweet Highlight, Monster highlight, lip primer

E.L.F: Eyeliner pod

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real mascara, Dew the Hoolah bronzer

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Doll Parts Velour Liquid Lip

Becca: Backlighting Primer



EYE: Firstly, I put tape on the outer corners of my eyes to guarantee a clean line. The tape trick is magic. After that I used the Becca primer on my eyes. After letting that dry I took Tempera from the Modern Renaissance palette with an eyeliner brush along the crease to create that lighter line. I then took Pop Rocks with a blending brush along the entirety of the lid up to the crease where Tempera is. Starting mid-lid apply Sticky Sweet with a blending brush all the way to the edge of the tape. From the outer lid apply Meow with a blending brush all the way to the tape.

Above the crease where Tempera is applied, apply Pop Rocks, Sticky Sweet, and Meow in similar locations as on the lid but this time with a liner brush. After that initial application you can blend it out. Once the bright colors are applied and finished, I layered Tempera with Vermeer (Modern Renaissance) to give it a glistening finish seeing as the other shadows/highlights were full of glitter. Although you can’t tell from the photos, Monster is on the inner lids.

With a blending brush, I applied Pop Rocks with a blending brush along the lower lash line, but only up to midway. Starting midway I applied Sticky Sweet with an eyeliner brush.  After all of those steps, I applied the E.L.F. Eyeliner with an eyeliner brush along the upper lash line to the tape, then after that take the tape off and see those crisp lines.

(Reference the chart below to understand placement for parts of the eyes.)

CHEEKS: I used a beauty blender to contour my cheeks with Dew the Hoolah bronzer, and then applied Monster with my finger as the highlight.

LIPS: Apply the Colourpop lip primer first, then Jeffree Star’s Doll Part.




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